Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


Discover Your Unknowns by Thinking Like an Attacker

Eliminate Shadow IT Risk with Attack Surface Management

“During decommissioning, people forget about non-production systems. This is a process failure. Randori is great at finding a lot of bad habits. This is outstanding… I can’t wait to show IT, at least we have some leverage.”

– CISO, Large Media Company

Discover Shadow IT

Shadow IT—unsanctioned technologies and applications deployed without IT oversight—has accelerated its sprawl across corporate networks as more teams embrace new cloud services and development processes. The Randori Attack Platform helps you discover shadow IT and find forgotten assets, blind spots, and process failures that allow attackers to bypass your defenses. There is nothing to install or configure: Start uncovering shadow IT today, all Randori needs is an email address to discover your true attack surface.

Understand Your Shadow Risk

If an attacker comes from an external position, they aren’t going to exploit an IP address, hostname, or port—they will attack the underlying software exposed to the internet. Randori finds targets you may not have known about, and prioritizes them using a patent-pending Target Temptation model. This model considers how the software is deployed, vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and post-exploitation potential if the service is compromised.

Get Alerted on Unexpected Change

To be effective, teams need more than an annual snapshot of their attack surface. As your company perimeter changes, Randori will monitor and alert you on new vulnerable and misconfigured targets. This includes authenticated services without 2-factor, pages with outdated copyright, applications that are brand new, applications that are really old, and applications that didn’t get enough care (e.g. a custom app that is of poor quality). This strengthens your program by eliminating easy ways for an attacker to bypass your defenses.

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About Randori

Randori, an IBM Company, is your trusted adversary. Recognized as a leader in offensive security, Randori combines attack surface management (ASM) and continuous automated red teaming (CART) in a single, unified platform to provide a continuous, proactive, and authentic offensive security experience. Randori helps companies stay one step ahead of attackers by continuously discovering what’s exposed, and validating risks as they arise.