Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report

Mergers & Acquisitions

Actively Defend Against Merger & Acquisition Risk with Randori


Mergers and acquisitions can be fraught with cybersecurity risk. Forbes recently found that 40% of acquiring companies have discovered a cybersecurity problem during the post-acquisition integration of their acquisitions.

With Randori, you and your team can identify your most tempting targets, prioritize based on the likelihood of attack, and reduce the risk of merging two cybersecurity architectures into one.

Discover Your Top Targets

Discover the power of a trusted adversary. Get instant visibility into the most tempting targets in your organization and your acquired company, including targets you don’t even know about — with Randori Recon‘s black-box reconnaissance and patent-pending Target Temptation scoring model. All you need is an email address to get started and our award-winning Attack Surface Management solution will automatically discover and prioritize potential targets, leveraging the same techniques relied upon by today’s threat actors.

Using Randori has helped me understand how much risk I am willing to accept. It has completely changed my mindset on how we should do security.

CIO, Greenhill & Co

Proactively Reduce Your M&A Cyber Risk

Keep attackers at bay by actively defending your attack surface. Manage your risk and prioritize actions, combining our unique attacker’s perspective with internal knowledge of impact and controls. Then take action by minimizing the digital footprints of both your company and your acquisition, hardening what matters most, and remediating the riskiest vulnerabilities.

Test Your Defenses

Prepare for the next cyberattack and know where you stand by testing your defenses against Randori’s continuous and automated red team. Gain insight into your defenses, test your detection and response capabilities, and gain clarity into your real-world risk with the world’s most authentic attack platform.


About Randori

Randori is your trusted adversary. Designed by some of the best minds in offensive security, our automated attack platform mirrors today’s adversaries, helping defenders continuously assess their real-world security. We empower defenders to prove to themselves and management that their organization’s most valuable assets are secure. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, with offices in Denver, CO, the company is backed by Accomplice, .406 Ventures and Legion Capital. Learn more at www.randori.com.