Randori Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations

Secure Cloud Migration

Ensure a Secure Cloud Migration with Continuous Attack Surface Visibility

Secure Cloud Migration

Migrate To The Cloud With Confidence

“Having tried Randori, I would say their discovery mechanisms for external-facing assets are far superior to any other scans we’ve seen from a third party. They leave no stone unturned, passive DNS, PTR records, TLS cert details… they will scrub them all. You may be surprised by what you discover is sitting in the public cloud…” 

– Head of IT Security, Global Non-Profit

Conducting a secure cloud migration is like leading a symphony—multiple teams must move together in harmony. During these times of company transition, IT & security leaders are staying a step ahead with Attack Surface Management (ASM), which reveals dangerous blind spots, misconfigurations, and weaknesses.


Eliminate Shadow IT

The Randori Platform  only needs your corporate email address to start automated black box discovery. No installation or configuration is required. Uncover networks, IPs, domains and services unknown to IT, but visible to attackers. This includes short-term test/dev sites, shadow IT, and assets acquired through M&A.

Know Your Cloud Transformation Risks

Your attack surface is constantly changing. Randori gives you a continuous attackers’ view, integrated into your existing workflows, as some or all of your network shifts to the cloud. The Randori Platform uses a hacker-created Target Temptaion model to identify areas where attackers are most likely to strike first.

Be Ready to Act

Business is moving to the cloud – change brings risk. Solve it with Randori. Get real-time visibility into your external attack surface and get alerted to changes as they occur with Randori’s continuous attack surface management platform. When an issue arises – you’ll be the first to know.

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