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The SANS Guide to Evaluating Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management (ASM) is an emerging category that aims to help organizations address the expanding risk posed by cloud computing and the rapid transition to work from home by providing an external perspective of an organization’s attack surface.

Download this complimentary SANS Analyst Report to learn how enterprises are leveraging ASM to reduce their risk, the critical capabilities any ASM solutions must offer and how SANS recommends enterprises approach evaluating the effectiveness of ASM solutions.

Randori believes the report points to the critical role ASM can play in an enterprise risk-management strategy and why it’s essential ASM solutions provide an attacker’s assessment of each asset so that organizations can not only identify external assets, but properly manage their risk.

Read this SANS Institute report to learn:

  • Why Attack Surface Management is becoming an essential enterprise capability. 
  • How to leverage Attack Surface Management today to discover unknown assets, monitor for change and reduce external risk.
  • Why automated discovery, continuous monitoring and risk-based management are essential capabilities for any ASM solution. 
  • How to evaluate the operational effectiveness of ASM solutions.