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Elevate your Defenses

If you think you have what it takes, start your journey today with a free zero-friction external assessment. 

The only way to truly know where you stand is to put yourself to the test. The best security teams understand this and are continually pushing themselves and those around them to be better. 

Randori Attack gives you the power of an automated red team, enabling you to continuously test your defenses against attacks that mirror the adversaries you face. By exposing gaps and breaking down issues, Randori helps you elevate your defenses and build a program resilient to compromise.

Our continuous approach enables organizations to elevate their defenses by gaining access to a high-end adversary that is ready to go 24/7. 

About Randori

Randori is your trusted adversary. Designed by some of the best minds in offensive security, our automated attack platform mirrors today’s adversaries, helping defenders continuously assess their real-world security. We empower defenders to prove their organization’s most valuable assets are secure.