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[2 Part Workshop] Targeted Discovery: What Your Asset Management Program is Missing

Many organizations spend vast amounts of time and money trying to identify, catalogue and track every asset they have exposed to the internet. With the rise of cloud computing and the rapid transition to work from home, maintaining a perfect inventory of every internet-exposed asset has become an impossible challenge.

Attack surface management (ASM) is an emerging category of solutions that aims to help organizations address this challenge by providing an external perspective of an organization’s greatest external risks.

Join us for a two part workshop to see how Attack Surface Management can identify unknown assets, monitor for risks and provide a continuous framework to assess and improve processes and controls over time.

Attendees will learn how Attack Surface Management can be used to

  • discover unknown assets
  • identify process failures
  • reduce risk over time

After completing the workshop, attendees will have

  • Conducted a gap analysis to identify unknown assets
  • Performed a root cause analysis on a real issue
  • Learned how Attack Surface Management solutions can be integrated to develop an automated process.