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[2 Part Workshop] How To Prioritize Vulnerabilities Like An Attacker

Vulnerability management is at a crossroads. Faced with exploding asset counts and a surge in the volume of new vulnerabilities, teams are struggling to keep up.

To close the growing gap between what teams are tasked with accomplishing and what they are able to achieve, teams are recognizing they need to rethink their approach.

Join us for a two part workshop to see how incorporating an attacker's perspective into your vulnerability management process can help teams cut through the noise and more efficiently identify the threats that matter. 

You'll learn how an attacker's perspective can be used to 

  • Reduce visibility gaps
  • Improve prioritization
  • Increase ROI

After completing the workshop, attendees will have 

  • Conducted a gap analysis to identify unknown assets
  • Used Randori's Target Temptation model to prioritize vulnerabilities by likelihood of attack
  • Learned how Attack Surface Management solutions can be integrated to develop an automated process.