Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


Attack Surface Management

Know Your Assets The Hackers Are Targeting

In order to know where attackers will strike, you first need to know how they view your external attack surface. With business changes, cloud migration, shadow IT, and M&A, your perimeter is constantly changing. Often escaping vulnerability scans and yearly assessments, these changes represent windows of opportunities for attackers looking to bypass your defenses. Discover them with Randori Recon.

Just like real threat actors, Randori continuously monitors your external attack surface, looking for unexpected changes. Uncover blind spots, misconfigurations, and process failures you would have otherwise missed with Randori’s real-time attack surface monitoring, vulnerability intelligence and risk management capabilities. No installation or setup required.

The SANS Guide to Evaluating Attack Surface Management

Download this SANS guide for an overview of the benefits and limitations of attack surface management and actionable guidance for organizations looking to evaluate an ASM solution.

Discover What's Exposed

View your attack surface like an attacker. Find shadow IT, expose misconfigurations and identify process failures. No installation required.

Prioritize Like An Attacker

Discover your real world risk by seeing which targets attackers are most likely to strike first with Randori's patent-pending Target Temptation model.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Stay a step ahead of shadow IT, cloud migrations and M&A with continuous attack surface monitoring. Reduce your exposures, track changes and get alerts as new risks appear.

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Discover What's Exposed

Unlock the attacker’s perspective. Unlike other ASM vendors, Randori is targeted. Just like real adversaries, we conduct deep reconnaissance on your business to uncover the IPv4, IPv6, and cloud assets that are exposed. Built to avoid detection, Randori leverages a global network of dynamic cloud infrastructure to provide you the most authentic and continuous view of your external attack surface. No set up or configuration required.

Prioritize Your Top Targets

Built by attackers to prioritize what to attack – only Randori provides a unified view of your organization’s top targets. Our patent-pending Target Temptation technology looks at each target in context, going beyond vulnerability assessments to give you a richer assessment of real-world risk. Incorporating factors such as public weakness, post-exploitation potential, and the cost of action by an attacker, we’ve automated the same logic used by elite red teams and today’s adversaries to pick their next targets.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Randori Recon gives you the context and information you need to reduce your external risk. Leverage our unique perspective to prioritize findings, patch vulnerabilities, remediate misconfigured systems, and take old or decommissioned assets offline. Continuously updated by with the latest vulnerability and threat intelligence from the Randori Hacker Operations Center, our findings are easy to understand, share, and always current.

The Latest From Randori

Vulnerability Analysis: QueueJumper CVE-2023-21554

Randori triggered CVE-2023-21554, also known as QueueJumper, a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft Message Queuing service reported by Check Point Research. We confirm it appears exploitable.