Randori Attack Team Confirms Exploitability Of CVE-2020-2021

Randori: Helping Mitigate Cyber Risk by Attacking Like the Bad Guys


I am pleased to announce the release of a new Solutions Showcase from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) on the Randori Attack Platform.

The Solutions Showcase was built off a recent survey conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group, that reflects input from 340 enterprise security leaders across North America. The report discusses the biggest security challenges CISOs face and how incorporating an attacker’s perspective helps organizations mitigate business risk, accelerate incident response, and streamline security operations.

Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at ESG notes:

“To more effectively manage cyber risks, organizations should incorporate an attacker’s perspective into their overall cyber risk assessments to enable them to more effectively assess the likelihood of an attack. Security leadership (CISOs/CSOs) must also be prepared to provide increasing amounts of visibility to their business leaders and board members. Moving forward, CISOs may find it worthwhile to work with SaaS-based attack platforms like Randori’s to improve the timeliness and accuracy of their cyber risk management programs.”

Read the report: “Randori: Helping Mitigate Cyber Risk by Attacking Like the Bad Guys

The goal of Randori is to provide organizations access to an authentic attack platform that legacy penetration testing and vulnerability management solutions cannot replicate. Rather than testing and training under simulated environments, Randori emulates the full kill chain of an attack so that security leaders can look through the eyes of the adversary while their teams experience and defend against Randori’s safe but authentic attacks.

This is an exciting time for the company and a testament to our amazing technology and team. Add to the echoed feedback from our design partners and you can understand why analysts like ESG are talking about our approach to adversary emulation and to the mission of Randori.

And this is just the beginning… If you want to see your business from the perspective of the attacker, request access to beta.