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Prioritizing What Matters – Democracy

Brian Hazzard & David Wolpoff

At Randori, we believe strongly in prioritizing what matters most. That’s why today our (virtual) offices are empty. 

Ensuring every citizen has both the right and ability to vote is something we believe is worth prioritizing. Voting is a right everyone should be able to enjoy and we are committed to doing our small part to make that a reality. 

Today, rather than working on new features or functionality – we’ve asked our teams to take the day to vote, to help others vote, or to volunteer their time to ensure a safe and secure election. 

Whether you’re red team or blue team, we encourage you to take time to do the same. Get out and vote! There is nothing more important in a democracy. 

For specific information on where to vote, voting hours, or to check the status of your mail-in ballot, visit https://www.vote.org   

For more information on how your company can join Randori and 1,850 other companies across America committed to ensuring every employee has the time and ability to vote, visit https://www.maketimetovote.org 

Brian & Moose

Co-Founders, Randori