Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


Single Platform For Attack Surface Management (ASM) & Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)
Instant Value. Continuous Insights. No Agents.

Attack Surface Management

Discover your unknowns and reduce your attack surface with the only ASM solution built by attackers.

Continuous Automated Red Teaming

Know where you stand by testing your defenses against Randori’s continuous and automated red team (CART).


Uncover Your Attack Surface

Get the most authentic view of what’s exposed. Discover what is exposed with our black-box approach. Randori builds a map of your attack surface to find exposed assets (on-prem or cloud), shadow IT, and misconfigured systems attackers can find, but you may be missing. Unlike other ASM solutions that rely on IPv4 range scans, our unique center of mass approach enables us to find IPv6 and cloud assets others miss.

Prioritize Which Assets to Protect First

Only Randori gets you on target faster – automatically prioritizing the exposed software attackers are most likely to attack first. Built by attackers to identify attackable software, only Randori provides you a real-time inventory of each instance of exposed and attackable software. Going far beyond vulnerabilities, Randori looks at each target in context to build a unique priority score for each target.

Stay Vigilant

Your attack surface is always changing. With dynamic IPs, mergers, acquisitions, and rotating cloud infrastructures, your attack surface is a moving target – Randori continuously monitors and analyzes your attack surface to provide you with a real-time assessment of external risk. Historical views, rich dashboards and status workflows enable you to track progress and demonstrate the ROI of your investments.

Prepare, Practice and Practice Some More.

Practice makes perfect. Go beyond scanning and begin to improve your team by testing your defenses under real-world conditions. Get real-time insight into your security program’s effectiveness year-round with Randori’s continuous and automated red team. Identify issues, prioritize investments and validate your real-world risk with Randori.

Become Resilient

Excellence withers without an adversary. Test your program’s resiliency against breach by sparring with a trusted adversary. Test your SOC, MDR, MSSP and incident response capabilities under real world conditions with year round testing and real-time insights from Randori’s continuous and automated red team.

Unlock The Attacker’s Perspective

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Vulnerability Analysis: QueueJumper CVE-2023-21554

Randori triggered CVE-2023-21554, also known as QueueJumper, a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft Message Queuing service reported by Check Point Research. We confirm it appears exploitable.