Out of Stealth: Introducing Randori Recon

About Randori

Randori is the attack platform CISOs rely on to stay ahead of the next attack.

Rethinking the practice of security

Breaking Ranks & Flipping Tables

It has been my privilege for nearly a decade to work with a team of motivated red teamers tasked with breaking into some of the world’s largest and most secure organizations. Over the years we have had tremendous success and have never doubted our ability to succeed.

Why? Because the industry is stuck in a defender’s mindset.

If the industry is going to improve, we can’t just turn tables, we need to flip the perspective.

Those with a defender’s mindset build castles. Bigger walls. Deeper trenches. Seeking to make us —the attackers— climb higher or jump farther.

Attackers don’t care about walls, we play by a different set of rules. We don’t like to climb and we don’t jump unless we have to. We’re observant and patient. We move quickly and observe from many vantage points. We wait for opportunity.

Randori was founded to help defenders see the world through a different set of eyes, to teach you to practice the way we —the attackers— fight. Experience has taught us that companies who value and test their defenses from an attacker’s perspective better understand their risks, have smaller attack surfaces and stronger security programs.

That is why we’re investing millions to build the most authentic attack platform. That is why we’ve assembled a world-class team of hackers, engineers, data scientists, designers and advisors. To help you understand how attackers think.

Working with dozens of companies, we’ve proven the power of this approach and the value it can bring to any organization. Every time, we’ve uncovered blind spots, discovered misconfigurations, and highlighted failures in processes.

No organization is, or can be, perfectly secure. There will always be weaknesses. By working with our clients, we’re giving CISOs the proof and validation they need to make critical change happen. Each is now more secure as a result.

While we’re just getting started at Randori, I’m incredibly excited about the path we’re on and the partnerships we’re building. I hope you’ll break ranks with the industry and join our effort to flip tables and change the way organizations think about security.

David Wolpoff/“Moose”

CTO & Co-Founder, Randori