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How Lionbridge is Keeping Global Conversations Going Securely with Randori

Ian Lee

On a mission to bring the world closer together by breaking barriers & building bridges through language, Lionbridge is a global leader in marketing, testing, and globalization technology. Leveraging a combination of more than 500,000 human experts across the globe and leading machine learning technology, Lionbridge is trusted by more than 2,100 organizations to take their content and stories global – translating billions of words daily into more than 350 languages.Lionbridge

Trusted by their clients to translate sensitive data everyday, security is an essential tenet of Lionbridge’s success and a commitment embraced jointly by the security team and their more than 5,000 employees located in 26 countries. As the company invests heavily in artificial intelligence and expands beyond language translation, security has only grown in visibility and strategic importance to the business. 

“The largest corporations in the world trust us to get their message right and share it with the world. Central to our long-term success, Lionbridge takes security and privacy very seriously. Working with sensitive information daily, we treat this information with the care and security required – it’s one of the reasons organizations choose us. From the security team to our experts, everyone at Lionbridge is committed to upholding that trust and takes security as a personal responsibility.”

– Doug Graham, Chief Trust Officer

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Tasked with securely transitioning Lionbridge from a leading provider of translation services to a global leader in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Doug Graham, Chief Trust Officer, understood the importance of starting from a firm foundation.

A proven security veteran with experience working in the natural language processing industry, Doug understood the business importance of turning security into a competitive differentiator at Lionbridge. To do this, Doug and his team needed to ensure they had a firm grasp on Lionbridge’s growing external attack surface as the company had been investing and transitioning heavily in the cloud. Primarily focused on ensuring their small security team was equipped to securely enable new SaaS and cloud applications – the team began seeking out solutions that could help ensure visibility into Lionbridge’s evolving attack surface.

Garrett Schubert, Diector of Cyber Security, explains: “While we had always invested in security, we wanted to ensure that our approach to asset management and vulnerability management was able to evolve to address today’s cloud and dynamic environments. Getting and maintaining an external assessment of any attack surface is a critical first step forward in developing a defensive strategy. Randori makes that possible.”


Looking for a solution that could monitor Lionbridge’s external attack surface, the team needed a low-friction solution that could easily integrate with their existing workflows. Frustrated with the high volume of false positives provided by other tools, it was important they select an ASM solution that took a targeted approach to discovery.

Impressed with Randori’s unique approach, the team kicked-off an evaluation in which they assessed both the quality of results and operationalization of the platform. During this period, Randori was able to provide immediate value – identifying some key focus areas to the Lionbridge team.


Leveraging Randori, Lionbridge has been able to gain deeper visibility into external risk and ensure their asset management systems are updated as new cloud and SaaS applications come online. With this insight, the Lionbridge team has been able to integrate Randori with a new asset management solution to continuously update Lionbridge’s known inventory of assets whenever a new asset is discovered externally by Randori. If Randori discovers an asset unknown to the Lionbridge team it is then flagged and investigated to improve inventory management processes going forward.

From this integration, Lionbridge has been able to establish a strong reporting capability around their external risk and set KPIs around attack surface trends and public cloud security.

Increasingly, Lionbridge’s vulnerability management team has been leveraging Randori’s Target Temptation analysis to help them triage and prioritize which vulnerabilities to patch and is looking at ways to incorporate Randori’s targeted threat intelligence more deeply into their threat monitoring and investigation workflows to enrich the information available to their analysts.

“Randori has changed the conversations I am able to have with my team and the executive team around risk. Having a rich and continuous external assessment of our attack surface has enabled me to make attack surface risk a company level metric. We are now able to report confidently on the current risk exposure and demonstrate improvement over time in a way that was impossible before.”

Doug Graham, Chief Trust Officer


Looking forward, Lionbridge is committed to expanding their risk-based approach to attack surface management with goals to further reduce their external risk over the next twelve months. Key to this effort are investments to further integrate Randori into Lionbridge’s asset management and vulnerability management workflows, so that discoveries and priorities can be automatically routed and more promptly addressed. 

Confident in their work, Lionbridge is planning on integrating red teaming, via Randori Attack, as a continuous element of their security program. This will enable Lionbridge to further validate their risk reduction efforts to the board and validate the ROI of internal investments, such as employee awareness training and internal security control efforts, that Doug and his team have been implementing.


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