Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report


Discover What’s Exposed with the Only External Attack Surface Management built by Attackers.

Starting with only an email, RANDORI RECON automatically discovers your external attack surface and identifies your most tempting targets. Give it a try with a free 14 day trial.

What Makes Our Analysis Different?

At Randori, we don’t just build tools — we use them. Unlike other external attack surface management (EASM) solutions, our methodology is grounded in our experience attacking organizations and is used daily to prioritize the work of the Randori Attack Team. You see what we see. Randori goes beyond simply identifying potentially vulnerable applications and considers a broader set of characteristics to pinpoint those targets most likely to be targeted by an adversary.

What Factors Does Randori Consider?

The Randori Target Temptation model provides a realistic assessment of a target’s likelihood to be attacked. Used internally by the Randori Attack Team to prioritize vulnerability research and to target attacks — it is not a theoretical model but one proven in action. When analyzing an organization’s external perimeter, we evaluate targets using six factors:
  • Enumerability – Precision of Detection
  • Weakness – Known disclosures and exploits
  • Criticality – Functional Importance
  • Applicability – Level of Adoption
  • Post-exploitation potential – Usefulness after compromise
  • Research potential – Ease of Development


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