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The First Line of Defense Against Ransomware

How Attack Surface Management helps you get a step ahead of the next attack

As the recent shutdown at the Colonial Pipeline proved, ransomware is now the number one cyber threat facing enterprises today. What was a rare but costly nuisance in 2015 has become one of the most pressing and common issues in cybersecurity. With the number of attacks surging more than 700% last year, ransomware has gone from a $325M to over $20B industry over the previous five years. With losses piling up and insurance companies canceling policies  — the days of relying on cyber insurance as a ransomware strategy are over. With companies increasingly on their own, having a strong first line of defense against ransomware is critical.

Having a firm grasp of what is exposed and the assets hackers would target first is key to reducing risk. Gaining this knowledge requires companies to take proactive steps to understand their environment by investing in proven solutions such as attack surface management (ASM) that reduce an organization’s risk to shadow IT and ransomware. While ransomware attacks may be on the rise, you can stop the pain with the proper proactive approach. 

This ebook outlines how organizations can use Attack Surface Management to establish a strong first line of defense against ransomware and tips you can use to take action today to reduce your risk. 

4 Ways ASM Can Help You Actively Defend Against Ransomware

  1. Identify Your Top Targets - Know where attackers are most likely to strike first. Use an ASM tool, like Randori, to get an external perspective of your business using the same advanced techniques threat actors use to identify your most tempting ransomware targets.
  2. Reduce Your Attack Surface - Minimize your footprint by shedding high-risk assets where possible and hardening what's left by adding extra preventative controls and alert monitoring around those deemed most vital.
  3. Optimize Your Controls - Keep ransomware attackers at bay by knowing which of your vulnerable assets appear most attractive to attackers and addressing those first. 
  4. Test Your Defenses - Practice how you fight. Your attack surface is always changing. The best way to prepare for an attack is to practice sparring with real attacks on your system. 

Start Reducing Your Ransomware Risk with Randori 

Take an active defense against ransomware with Randori. Get started today with a free attacker's assessment of your organization's most tempting ransomware targets.