Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report

2021 Randori Attack Surface Management Report: The Internet’s Most Tempting Targets

The CISO’s Guide to Identifying the Most Attackable Assets on their Attack Surface

Leading up to the anniversary of the Solarwinds hack, and after a very tumultuous year in cybersecurity—especially with ransomware and supply chain attacks—Randori wanted to understand the ongoing prevalence of internet-facing assets that contribute to these attacks.

Download this free report for a closer look at the software an attacker is most likely to go after and target for exploitation found on an attack surface. Using Randori’s patent-pending Target Temptation model to identify the most tempting internet-exposed assets, we assign each asset a unique Temptation Score, and then determine the prevalence of those highly tempting assets on enterprise globally.

You’ll learn:

  • How many enterprises still use vulnerable versions of SolarWinds, and Microsoft’s OWA—despite this year’s media frenzy about those hacks.
  • The six factors an attacker weighs when determining what software to go after on your attack surface
  • The steps our attack team recommends you take to make your attack surface harder to crack.
  • Why VPNs, old software, RDP and other software have high Temptation Scores, and are particularly intriguing for attackers to exploit.