Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


Randori Recon: Attack Surface Management

See your attack surface like an adversary.

Attack surfaces are growing faster than security teams can keep up - to stay ahead, you need to know where attackers are most likely to strike. With cloud migration and the work-from-home boom dramatically increasing the number of targets, being able to prioritize targets from attacker’s perspective has never been more urgent. See your attack surface like an adversary with Randori Recon.

What is an attack surface? Your attack surface is the software attackers can actually go after - not every asset you have on the internet. 

What is attack surface management? Attack surface management (ASM) is an emerging category of solutions that  provide an external perspective of an organization’s attack surface, enabling organizations to reduce their attack surface, and prioritize remediation efforts on their greatest external risks.

What is Randori Recon? Randori Recon is an external attack surface management solution designed to perform discovery of your IPv4 and IPv6 assets through a series of high fidelity reconnaissance techniques. By starting with what is definitively you, Randori Recon then leverages unique scanning techniques to attribute assets connected to that starting point with your organization. Once identified, Randori then overlays actionable insights and adversarial context onto these assets to get your organization on target faster.