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“Before Randori Recon, we were struggling to have a continuous view of our assets exposed through external perimeters or hosted at the Cloud Service Provider environments.”

  Director, IT Security – NOV 

NOV is a multinational energy and utilities company

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The Randori Attack Platform was designed to think and act like Darkside, the hackers who are holding Colonial at ransom. Our free assessment will give you instant visibility to your most exposed assets and actionable insight to reduce your ransomware risk today.

Colonial's Ransomware Attack

On Friday, May 7, Colonial Pipeline shut down operations of it’s 5,500 mile oil & gas pipeline due to a cyber attack. Colonial’s operations remain at a standstill. The triage now rests in Colonial CISO’s hands, who must consider malware distribution across the networks, remediation efforts, and network backups.

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Trusted by some of the world’s largest oil & gas companies to reduce their risk by getting the hacker’s perspective – Randori was named by Gartner as one of the only External Attack Surface Management vendors to provide “the attacker’s perspective”. 

According to Gartner 90% of ransomware attacks are preventable – but you first need to know where they’re targeting. Our award-winning platform quickly enables any organization to see how hackers view their environment. Relied upon by NOV and others, we’ve partnered with the Oil & Gas ISAC to prioritize emergency access to the energy sector. Sign up today to take advantage of this limited offer.