Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


Powering the Industry that Powers the World – Securely

NOV is a leading supplier to the global energy industry. Founded in 1862, the company conducts operations at more than 500+ locations across six continents and develops cutting edge technology for the energy industry. To remain competitive and ensure the security of energy operations, it's essential that NOV has a firm understanding of its external attack surface at all times.

Randori Recon enabled NOV to gain continuous visibility into their external attack surface and proactively identify unknown or misconfigured systems, such as Log4j, before attackers.

NOV now has continuous visibility into their attack surface and has been able to reduce their external risk including shadow IT, misconfigured systems, unapproved services, and legacy applications.

“Before Randori Recon, we were struggling to maintain a continuous view of our external assets. It was incredibly time consuming and a never ending battle. When Log4j exploded onto the internet, I was able to pull data from Randori Recon in seconds and provide my team with actionable information. The way Randori Recon prioritizes targets, allowed us to remediate within hours, not days.”

- Casey Lee, Director IT Security, NOV