Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report


Global NGO Embraces The Cloud Securely With ASM

The Challenge: How to Securely Move To the Cloud

As an active and powerful force for democratic values, this large, global non-governmental organization (NGO) is a constant target for both nation-state and commercial threat actors. Given these threats, maintaining a strong external security posture is critical for their global security team. With an ever-expanding global perimeter, maintaining an up-to-date picture of their cloud attack surface was a constant challenge. As the NGO began moving their core assets to the cloud, unknown risks from shadow IT and forgotten infrastructure became an increasing source of anxiety for the security team. They went look for a cloud attack surface monitoring solution

The Solution: Attack Surface Monitoring with Randori

This global NGO was attracted to Randori Recon for its ability to both discover and continuously monitor their external attack surface, and alert the security team on important changes. With a continuous, attacker’s perspective of their exposed risk, the team can focus remediation on their top targets and gain peace of mind that they have a tight control on shadow IT and their expanding global footprint.

"Having tried the Randori product, I would say their discovery mechanisms for external facing assets are far superior to any other scans we’ve ever seen from a third party. They leave no stone unturned, passive DNS, PTR records, TLS cert details... they will scrub them all.. you may be surprised by what you discover is sitting in the public cloud..."

Global Head of IT Security 

The Result: Continuous Cloud Visibility

After signing up for Randori's cloud attack surface monitoring solution, the team gained immediate visibility into their external facing cloud attack surface and identified a number of systems they didn't know were publicly exposed. From there, the team reduced their cloud attack surface by removing and masking systems from the internet, and are ready for their cloud-first future.