Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report


Lionbridge Is Eliminating Shadow IT With ASM

Lionbridge is a global leader in marketing, testing, and globalization technology with more than 6,000 employees in 26 countries. As the company transitioned heavily to the cloud, Doug and his team needed to ensure they had a firm grasp on Lionbridge’s growing external attack surface. 

Business Problem

Investing and transitioning heavily in the cloud, Doug and his team needed to ensure they had a firm grasp on Lionbridge’s growing external attack surface. Primarily focused on ensuring his security team was equipped to securely enable new SaaS and cloud applications, the team began seeking out solutions that could provide visibility in Lionbridge’s evolving attack surface. 

Why Randori

Frustrated with the high volume of false positives provided by other tools, it was important they selected an attack surface management solution that took a targeted approach to discovery.

Impressed with Randori’s unique approach, the team kicked-off an evaluation in which they assessed both the quality of results and operationalization of the platform. During this period, Randori was able to provide immediate value - identifying some key focus areas to the Lionbridge team. 

Business Benefit

Leveraging Randori, Lionbridge has gained deeper visibility into external risk and can ensure their asset and vulnerability management systems are updated as new cloud and SaaS applications come online. With this insight, the Lionbridge team has integrated Randori with a new asset management solution to continuously update their known inventory of assets whenever a new asset is discovered externally. If Randori discovers a previously unknown asset, it is flagged and investigated to improve inventory management processes going forward. 

“Randori has changed the conversations I am able to have with my team and the executive team around risk. Having a rich and continuous external assessment of our attack surface has enabled me to make attack surface risk a company level metric. We are now able to report confidently on the current risk exposure and demonstrate improvement over time in a way that was impossible before.”

- Doug Graham, Chief Trust Officer