Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report


Armellini Logistics Combats Ransomware With ASM

Armellini Logistics is a family-run nationwide shipping, storage, and logistics company based in Palm City, Florida. After suffering a ransomware attack, the company needed a proactive way to reduce their risk to ransomware.

Business Problem

In December of 2019, Armellini was the target of a sophisticated ransomware attack. While they were able to quickly and successfully recover from the Attack, Armellini was determined to adopt a more proactive approach to prevention moving forward.

Following this experience, Armellini’s security team was tasked with finding innovative ways to reduce their operational risk from ransomware. The incident had brought to their attention the risks posed by shadow IT. To begin, Armellini’s team set out to identify solutions that could help them discover unknown assets and assist in developing an action-plan for minimizing their greatest external risks. In researching potential solutions, the Armellini team zeroed in on attack surface management.

Eric McManis explains: “We had no way of knowing which of our assets an attacker would target first until we worked with Randori.”

Why Randori

In need of a low-friction solution to provide their small team with high quality and actionable insights into their attack surface, Armellini engaged Randori for a free Recon Report. Given Randori’s attacker-focused approach to attack surface management, the report showed Armellini how Randori’s attacker’s perspective could illuminate shadow IT and prioritize which external assets were most likely to be targeted.

Critical for Armellini was Randori’s Target Temptation Model, which analyzes each external target using the same factors most often used by today’s threat actors when determining where to strike next. This unique approach differentiated itself from other ASM solutions by providing Armellini with a prioritized list on which they could take action.

Armellini kicked-off a 30 day proof-of-concept and quickly discovered additional issues, including a vulnerable VPN. Armed with this evidence, the Armellini team was able to go to their board and secure funding to begin implementing Randori.

Business Benefit

Leveraging Randori, Armellini has been able to gain deeper visibility into external risk and ensure their asset and vulnerability management systems are updated as new cloud and SaaS applications come online. Increasingly, Armellini has been leveraging Randori’s Target Temptation analysis to triage and prioritize which vulnerabilities to patch. With this insight, the Armellini team has been able to reduce their risk without impacting business operations and hopes to begin testing the resiliency of their security program using Randori’s continuous and automated red team capabilities in the near future.

“With Randori, we have the ability to get ahead of problems in a way that wasn’t possible before. It eliminates the guesswork from our routine, which gives us back about 15 hours of our workweek.”

– Eric McManis
Director of IT at Armellini