Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report


Help us hack a better, more secure future.

Who We Are

We’re changing how the world practices security. We’re a passionate, diverse group of people working to ensure every organization has access to a trusted adversary, one attack at a time. We’re hacker led and mission-driven, applying our endless curiosity, passion for excellence, and persistence to help the world hack a better, more secure future.

Our Vision

Bring clarity to cyber risk

Our Mission

Unlock the Attacker’s perspective

Our Promise

Authenticity above all else


Randori is a martial arts term – meaning practice how you fight. The most authentic form of practice – Randori tests one’s ability to anticipate and defend against attacks without knowing from who, what, or where the next attack will come. We’re bringing the same authentic experience to the cybersecurity industry.

Randori is now an IBM Company

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What We're Looking For

At Randori, everybody hacks. Whether you’re in engineering, sales, or finance, we look for folks who believe in the impossible, question convention and embrace the hacker mindset.

Trust, empathy, and expertise are at the core of everything we do, and we reward those who embrace them. We seek out individuals confident enough to know they’ll succeed, love to take on big challenges, and are excited to do so as a team.

If this sounds like you, come join us!

““A mantra I’ve picked up from previous teams is passion, capacity and smarts, to become a really awesome hacker, you have to be willing to dig in and learn. That’s the kind of team we’re building at Randori.“

David “moose” Wolpoff
Co-Founder & CTO

“At Randori, I’m able to make an impact on the business. I enjoy collaborating with Product and other engineers to dig into the “why” and implement the best solutions for our customers.”

– Nikki Bergamini, Software Engineer

About Randori

Randori, an IBM Company, is your trusted adversary. Recognized as a leader in offensive security, Randori combines attack surface management (ASM) and continuous automated red teaming (CART) in a single, unified platform to provide a continuous, proactive, and authentic offensive security experience. Randori helps companies stay one step ahead of attackers by continuously discovering what’s exposed, and validating risks as they arise.