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Enumerating Subdomains with crt.sh

Both defenders and attackers have a keen interest in understanding the attack surface for an organization — defenders must understand what is exposed so they can prioritize what to maintain and monitor — attackers must understand what is reachable so they can decide which services are available to compromise.

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Avoid the Scramble: Reflections on CVE-2020-5902

If you were one of the many folks this weekend trying to figure out if you had a F5 BIP, if so how many, if the administration interface was exposed to the internet, if you knew where the logs were going and if you had enough visibility to know if it was being actively exploited you got pulled into a scramble and frankly…  You f*cke up a long time ago.

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CVE-2020-2021: Post Exploit Analysis

The Randori Attack Team has successfully developed a POC for CVE-2020-2021 and has been able to confirm the severity of the vulnerability in local test and production environments. 

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