Randori and IBM Plan to Join Forces to Tackle Growing Attack Surface Risks

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Randori Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Randori is thrilled to announce that we have received our official ISO 27001 certification. The ISO27001 Certification is the first of many steps we’re taking to demonstrate our commitment to ensure that our security and privacy standards meet and exceed our customer’s high expectations.

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Enumerating Subdomains with crt.sh

Both defenders and attackers have a keen interest in understanding the attack surface for an organization — defenders must understand what is exposed so they can prioritize what to maintain and monitor — attackers must understand what is reachable so they can decide which services are available to compromise.

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Exploiting BIG-IP: Deconstructing This Simple But Effective RCE

If you’re in enterprise security, chances are you’re familiar with F5 BIG-IP and CVE-2020-5902. Used by 45% of Randori customers and thousands of organizations, it’s a very common network appliance family and is famous for having ruined the July 4th plans of many security engineers and network administrators. 

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