Randori and IBM Plan to Join Forces to Tackle Growing Attack Surface Risks

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Building an Attack-Focused Web Scraper

Data has become the basis of all decision-making processes, whether it be a business or a security decision. When building an attack-focused scraper, one must be prepared for dealing with extra levels of complexity in remaining invisible to defender’s eyes.

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What Gives Attackers Pause?

Hackers gonna hack. That’s what they do. But that does not mean they run in heedless of the defenses arrayed against them. Sometimes attackers will see something in a target that forces them to stop and think before proceeding.

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Thaumaturgic Security: Performing Miracles

I love to ask tech start-up founders what it was that prompted formation of their business. I’m usually listening to see if they are driven by some deeply-held personal belief (good answer) or by some greedy, near-term revenue growth objective (bad answer).

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