Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security

October 28, 2021

Shining A Light on Shadow IT

By: Ian Lee

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New Shadow IT Finder Helps Orgs Find the Unknowns Behind 1 in 3 Breaches

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. With the transition to remote work, growing cloud adoption and increasing M&A introducing new and unknown risks, shadow IT has become a growing problem for enterprise security teams. On average, Randori finds that 30% of exposed assets are unknown to security teams. 

New data from ESG Analyst Jon Oltsik highlights the scope of the problem, with 69% of organizations admitting to having been compromised due to an unknown or unmanaged asset and Gartner estimates that 1 in 3 breaches originate with Shadow IT. 

Having partnered with dozens of organizations to regain control of their attack surfaces, three trends have emerged: 1) everyone has Shadow IT, even the most mature organizations 2) finding and identifying shadow IT is a time-consuming and grueling operational challenge and 3) even when done well, security teams today lack the tools to effectively identify shadow IT stood up outside the corporate network. 

Randori Recon’s black-box approach to discovery has long enabled our platform to identify and discover unknown assets other EASM solutions miss, including IPv6 & cloud assets. However, for organizations with thousands or tens of thousands of exposed systems – identifying these unknowns could be challenging. This is the problem we sought to help our customers solve with our new Shadow IT Finder. 

Introducing Your New Shadow IT Finder – Randori Recon 

With today’s launch of our new Shadow IT Finder, Randori can now automatically discover, identify and expose unknown assets directly from the dashboard. From a single pane, users can now quickly identify the targets, services, hostnames, IP and networks that hackers can see, but are unknown to security.  

About Randori Recon: External Attack Surface Management

Randori Recon is the industry’s leading attack surface management (ASM) solution. Recognized by Gartner & IDC, Randori Recon gives enterprises the visibility and insight they need to eliminate shadow IT and prevent ransomware.  By continuously monitoring their known and unknown internet-facing attack surface, we empower security teams to find the unknowns hackers are targeting and are trusted by leading enterprises including NOV, Lionbridge, and Air Canada. 

Getting started is easy. All our platform needs is an email to get to work. Once running, Randori will provide you instant, ongoing visibility into the unknowns putting your business at risk.

Worried about what Shadow IT might be lurking on your perimeter? Try out our shadow IT finder on your own network by getting your free attack surface assessment today. 


Gain an Attacker's Perspective

Uncover your true attack surface with the only ASM platform built by attackers. Stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals, hacktivists and nation-state attackers, by seeing your perimeter as they see it.