Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report

June 8, 2021

Our CMO Bari Abdul Answers: Why Randori?

By: Keegan Henckel-Miller

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Why Randori? I’ve spent more than a decade in cybersecurity, most recently as the CMO of Optiv, where I had the unique opportunity to see how enterprises are spending billions on defensive security architectures from thousands of vendors. But despite the effort, time and money I’ve seen companies investing into their defensive programs, the breaches keep coming! Ransomware is on the rise and overall threats are still going up. I kept asking – where’s the value add?

Then I started talking to offensive security companies. Talking to Randori, I was fascinated with how Randori Co-Founders David “moose” Wolpoff and Brian Hazzard were looking at security from an offensive perspective. Since the 1980’s, security has been all about building up the defenses — the walls and the moats. Moose looks at things very differently. He doesn’t see walls or moats. Traditional defenses are failing because the security industry does not have access to an authentic attacker’s perspective. Moose knows this and is on a mission to fix it. 

The reason I love working in cybersecurity is because it allows us to fulfill a sense of purpose — in protecting our infrastructure and indeed American democracy itself. To meet this purpose, security needs to focus on meeting attackers where they actually are, rather than where we perceive them to be. Randori is poised to be a massively influential player in this shift. 

Randori’s early successes, pioneering one of the hottest categories in security today – attack surface management, demonstrated to me that they have compiled an excellent team. The team is lean, dynamic and driven. Every security company has engineers developing new technology, but Randori was founded by attackers. Moose is a hacker who has worked for major government agencies and clearly understands the mindset and skill set of Russian and Chinese hackers. This gives us a hacker culture and allows us to bring a unique offensive perspective to the table – that every company needs!

They have managed to create an end-to-end platform which begins with attack surface management and culminates in continuous automated red teaming, an innovation which the market desperately needs. Our focus in the coming months will be to beef up our go-to-market machine with an emphasis on Randori Recon, our industry-leading ASM solution. 

As the future leader in offensive security, Randori will be the company people turn to as they architect their security postures to test and strengthen their perimeters continuously. As a present leader in the nascent-but-booming category of attack surface management, we will continue to offer effective solutions to some of security’s most pressing issues today. 

Most prominently among them: ransomware. Randori is the first line of defense against ransomware, a ballooning threat for all organizations. With Randori Recon, CISOs and their teams are able to dramatically reduce risk of a ransomware attack without the noise or unknowns that come from scanning the whole internet. 

Bottom line: the volume of cyber attacks is a growing problem that is not going away anytime soon. This is the new normal, and organizations need to uplevel their preparedness, their visibility and their resiliency to compensate. Whether these attacks are originating from individual actors, cyber criminal organizations, or nation states, Randori will keep you one step ahead of them.

Gain an Attacker's Perspective

Uncover your true attack surface with the only ASM platform built by attackers. Stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals, hacktivists and nation-state attackers, by seeing your perimeter as they see it.