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August 17, 2021

Investing in People – Randori Announces Five Core Values

By: Kristen Yerardi, VP of Product at Randori

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Today, I am excited to be sharing Randori’s core value system with you. At Randori, we believe in being authentic and trustworthy to the world, to our customers and to each other. These five core values are more than just words — they are an overarching philosophy that motivates how we think and behave.

Earlier this year, we determined that we needed to record a concrete set of core values — values that truly described our culture and our beliefs. We’ve always been a people-first company and knew the best place to help us define them was our employees. So we asked them to submit stories from life at Randori. These stories exemplified our ideologies, and helped us highlight the behaviors and actions that made us proud; as well as reflect on the moments we wish we did better.  Dozens of stories were submitted, which resulted in 10 foundational themes. This list was further narrowed down to the following values.

Our Core Values

  1. Get After It
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Evolve And Adapt
  4. Have Empathy
  5. Own It


Get After It  

Our mission is what we believe in. Our team will relentlessly overcome obstacles, learn from experiences and deliver exceptional results for our customers in the pursuit of accomplishing our goal. 


Be Authentic 

To be a trusted adversary requires integrity and ethics. We must practice these with ourselves as well as with our relationships. We engage with openness, honesty, and humility, especially when it’s difficult to do so.


Evolve And Adapt 

We are committed to exploring and observing beyond the obvious. We match our curiosity with the capacity to achieve.     



Have Empathy 

We strive to understand the perspectives of others in our interactions, recognizing that effective communication requires both intellectual and emotional intelligence. This is the basis for our mutual success.


Own It

We are all responsible, at every level, for the outcomes that we drive as an organization, good or bad, and to learn from each experience. We strive to make (and document) the right decisions, because eventually all decisions see the light of day. 


Bottom Line

Besides being distinctive, these beliefs create a framework for Randori’s actions. These values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, our customers, our vendors, and our community.

Our processes and strategies may change, but these five core values will continue to motivate us to achieve our goals and guide our behaviors as we grow.

Let’s get after it!

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