Randori named leader in Attack Surface Management in GigaOm ASM Radar Report

May 16, 2022

Introducing Randori Integrations Marketplace

By: Drew Roy

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Today, Randori is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Integrations Marketplace. The Integrations Marketplace is a new feature available inside the Randori Offensive Security Platform which provides Randori Recon customers with a centralized, easy-to-use way to supercharge their most common attack surface management workflows by integrating Randori with leading ticketing, vulnerability management, and security information event management (SIEM) solutions.While integrations have long been a supported feature of Randori, today’s announcement makes connecting Randori with your team’s favorite tools easier than ever – with easy to follow wizards, simple instructions, and point-and-click configuration. 

Integrations Marketplace Overview

Available from directly inside the Randori Offensive Security Platform, the Randori Integrations Marketplace is available to all customers starting today. Setting up your first integration takes only minutes. Once set-up, organizations can enrich, prioritize and action findings from directly inside the tools their teams use most – including Splunk, Qualys, and Jira.

With the Randori Integrations Marketplace, your organization can:

  • Quickly integrate EASM with existing VM, SIEM and Ticketing solutions.
  • Respond to attacks in the news by integrating Randori’s real-time discovery & alerting with SIEM solutions like Splunk.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities by integrating Randori’s Target Temptation and Priority scoring with VM solutions like Qualys & Tenable.  
  • Reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR) by integrating Randori’s real-time discovery with ticketing and workflow solutions like Jira & ServiceNow
  • Do it all fast using Randori’s ready-made marketplace of integration recipes. 

How Does It Work?

The new Randori Integrations Marketplace makes operationalizing external attack surface management data as easy as 1-2-3. Built upon a proven technology, our integration marketplace provides the best possible user experience for connecting your team’s existing tools with Randori’s real-time attack surface visibility, Target Temptation analysis, and red team insights. Using our real time attack surface data, organizations are already using our Integrations Marketplace to ensure VM teams are scanning every external facing asset, that VM teams have more than CVE data to prioritize vulnerabilities, and that SOC teams can respond quickly when new issues or emerging threats arise on their perimeter.   

Shadow IT Discovery

Getting a complete view of your attack surface and ensuring your security team is scanning the right assets is foundational to any security program. While Randori has always provided organizations with a complete view of your attack surface, with today’s announcement getting that data into the hands of vulnerability managers, security analysts, and security engineers is now easier than ever. With the average security team having dozens of tools to manage, we understand that being able to integrate with and display the visibility Randori provides in other tools is an essential capability. With current and planned turn-key integrations for VM, SIEM, Ticketing, CAASM, SOAR, and Threat Intel, today’s Integrations Marketplace makes the identification of Shadow IT across your organization easier than ever before.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Keeping up with the incoming flood of vulnerabilities is an impossible task for vulnerability management teams, so figuring out which vulnerabilities to prioritize for patching or other mitigation strategies is essential. With turn-key integrations with leading vulnerability management solutions, Randori can provide VM teams with critical context and insight on which assets are exposed, which vulnerabilities are most interesting to attackers, which vulnerable assets matter most to your business, and the status of any active remediation efforts. With today’s release, moving beyond CVEs and CVSS scoring has never been easier. 

Misconfiguration Identification & Issue Remediation

Knowing about a problem is only the beginning – the real work happens after the alert is generated. With turn-key integrations with leading ticketing systems organizations can now ensure that, when new issues are identified, the right teams have the necessary context they need to take remediation action quickly. Attack surface reduction teams can follow along as work is done, tracking the status of work from directly inside Randori with bi-directional integrations designed to meet the most common security and IT team driven workflows.  

Real Time Issue Identification & Alerting

Adopting a proactive approach to security means being able to identify and take action before attackers can strike. With turn-key integrations with leading SIEM providers, Randori helps security teams act fast by ensuring any high or critical changes on their attack surface are sent, correlated and prioritized inside an enterprise’s preferred SIEM solution. This helps analysts act faster by combining Randori’s real-time alerts with additional context and artifacts from other systems, such as XDR, NGWAFs, EDR, or NDR solutions. Real-time alerting for SOC teams is just one small example of the steps we’re taking to keep our customers one step ahead of attackers. 

Randori Bi-Directional API 

Every attack surface is different and reducing your attack surface is a team effort. Some organizations have complex workflows or custom services requiring a tailored approach to integration. For these organizations, Randori provides two avenues organizations can take to meet custom needs. First, we provide a robust bi-directional API that any organization can use to develop custom integrations or workflows. Secondly, we’ve built our Integrations Marketplace with custom workflows in-mind and can work with organizations to develop custom integrations directly within the marketplace, saving Randori users precious time developing integrations which fit their internal business processes themselves.

Embedding the Attacker’s Perspective Into Your Daily Workflow

ESG, Security Hygiene & Posture Management Survey – Oct’21

Using the new Randori Integrations Marketplace, teams can now easily ensure every member of their security team has a complete and centralized view of their attack surface, can better prioritize vulnerabilities by incorporating the likelihood of attack, and take immediate action to reduce their most pressing external risks. 

From data breaches to ransomware, your attack surface management solution is your first line of defense against today’s threat actors. Research conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group found that nearly seven out of 10 organizations have been compromised by an unknown or unmanaged internet-facing asset and that 31% of organizations view automation and integration as their top priority for improving their security hygiene and posture management.

Integrating Randori’s real-time attack surface discovery with vulnerability management, SIEM, ticketing and other solutions can help security teams address some of the biggest challenges in security today by embedding the discovery and classification of externally facing assets into existing cybersecurity workflows. 

Helping Defenders Solve Their Top Security Challenges 

Top Challenges in Asset Discovery

Challenge How Randori Can Help Key Features
Automating tasks/processes  Provide you with a continuous, proactive, and authentic way to automate the discovery and monitoring of internet-facing assets.  Black-Box Discovery 
Integrating security  and IT tools  Provide you with a simple, turn-key way to integrate real time attack surface data with your VM, SIEM, and Ticketing solutions.  Integrations Marketplace
Establishing KPIs, metrics, and reports  Provide you with automated reporting of all your key attack surface metrics along with helpful peer comparisons.  Attack Surface Report with Peer Analytics


Top Challenges in Vulnerability Management

Challenge How Randori Can Help Key Features
Keeping up with the volume of open vulnerabilities  Provide a solution for establishing a policy-driven way to implement a risk-based approach to VM leveraging the latest knowledge & insights from both the attacker and defenders perspectives.  Target Temptation
Automating vulnerability discovery, prioritization, and dispatch to owner Provide a way to continuously discover, monitor, and track issues on your external attack surface and automatically route them to the correct resource in order to reduce MTTR. Integrations Marketplace
Coordinating VM processes across different tools   Make it easy for your VM team to leverage the discovery and validation Randori provides using their existing workflows and tools.  Integrations Marketplace


Top Three Steps To Improve Threat Exposure Management

Action How Randori Can Help Key Features
Perform continuous security control validation to discover gaps  Provide a continuous, proactive, and authentic offensive security experience that provides ongoing insight into your real-time exposures and biggest security gaps.  Randori Attack
Automating attack surface discovery, prioritization, and remediation Provide real-time visibility into your evolving attack surface – be it IPv4, IPv6 – with the industry’s leading EASM solution.   Integrations Marketplace
Deploying a dedicated tool for attack surface management  Provide immediate time to value with the easiest EASM solution to deploy – no set up or configuration required. See for yourself by scheduling a free attack surface review today.  Randori Recon


Get Started Today

Randori is the industry’s leading offensive security platform. By combining attack surface management (ASM) and continuous automated red teaming (CART) into a single unified platform, Randori continuously discovers your attack surface and validates your security controls as things change. Recognized by Gartner & IDC, Randori gives enterprises the visibility and insight they need to eliminate shadow IT, prioritize vulnerabilities, validate their controls, and stay one step ahead of attackers. 

For more information about Randori and our new Integrations Marketplace, sign up for a demo or free attack surface review today!

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