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Designed for security leaders tasked with managing a growing attack surface, the SANS Attack Surface Management Virtual Conference was live April 14, 2021 as a

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Understanding Your Cloud Footprint Lunch and Learn

Whether your company is migrating to the cloud or is cloud-native, having a complete and accurate inventory is critical to protect your assets on-prem and in the cloud. Join us for a free 45 min lunch and learn to see how Attack Surface Management can identify unknown assets, monitor for risks and provide a continuous framework to assess and improve processes and controls over time.

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Live Webinar: Randori Recon

See how Randori Recon empowers enterprise organizations to understand their attack surface in order to identify blindspots, process failures and dangerous misconfigurations.

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2021 Attack Surface Report

Leading up to the anniversary of the Solar winds hack, and after a very tumultuous year in cybersecurity—especially with ransomware and supply chain attacks—Randori wanted to understand the ongoing prevalence of internet-facing assets that contribute to these attacks.

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How To Recon Like An Attacker

This step by step guide will teach you how to break down and analyze your attack surface like an attacker. Learn how to reduce risk by identifying what’s exposed and what’s most likely to be targeted.

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Randori Named Gartner Cool Vendor 2021 Security Operations GET FREE ATTACK SURFACE REVIEW Randori Named a Gartner Cool Vendor Attack Surface Management (ASM) is foundational

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