Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


Continuous and Automated Red Teaming (CART)

Excellence Withers Without an Adversary

Security and business leaders need to know valuable assets are secure. Penetration tests and vulnerability scans can’t answer this question —the timing, scope, and capabilities don’t reflect the threats you face. You need a trusted adversary.

Randori Attack delivers a continuous red team experience, enabling you to regularly test your defenses, augment your existing red team, and exercise your detection and response plans under real world conditions to get a clear picture into your cyber resiliency. By exposing gaps and breaking down issues throughout the year, Randori’s continuous and automated red team helps you discover the unexpected and build a program resilient to breach.

Test Your Defenses

Continually assess your security effectiveness. Discover what works, and what doesn’t. No installation or setup required.

Extend Your Red Team

Supercharge your existing red team. Free up time and get on target faster with Randori's continuous red teaming platform.

Become Resilient

Build resilience by regularly stress testing your MDR, IR and threat hunting teams against an authentic adversary.

How Continuous, Automated Red-Teaming Can Elevate Your Security Posture

Discover how Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) is accelerating the adoption of a risk-based security approach.

Become Resilient to Breach with Randori Attack

Test Your Defenses

Find out what’s working, what’s not.

Randori Attack is the industry’s first continuous and automated red teaming solution. Designed to work the same way as today’s real-world adversaries or high-end red teams, the platform emulates the full kill chain to provide customers with an ongoing and authentic attack experience. Fully agentless, there’s nothing to install or configure. Beginning simply with an email address, Randori discovers what’s exposed and once authorized will begin testing your defenses under real world conditions. Test the real-world effectiveness of your security tools, threat intelligence, and managed security partners with your own automated red team.

Eliminate Guesswork

Demonstrate improvement over time.

Give your team the ammunition they need to drive prove the ROI of their investments and build a more resilient security program by proving not what could, but what will happen if a risk is left unaddressed. Accelerate projects and institute change by providing the proof needed to drive a risk-based conversation.

With Randori Attack, gain realtime understanding into key security metrics:

  • Mean Time to detect, contain and expel 
  • Percent of attacks detected
  • Detection rate by MITRE ATT&CK ID
  • Sophistication required to reach critical assets

Become Resilient

Build resilience by sparring with a trusted adversary.

If your business depends upon swift, effective incident response, Randori Attack will take you to the next level.

Test your detection and incident response capabilities by going up against our continuous and automated red team.

We’ll show you where and how actions were taken, revealing the logic behind the attacker’s mindset and enabling you for the first time to know where you stand.

Begin confidently making decisions around where to invest, train or hire to improve with Randori real-time insight and ongoing validation. All attack actions are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and all command & control (C2) details are available via our REST API, making correlating if and when your team detected our activity a breeze.

Randori has helped me understand how much risk I am willing to accept. It has completely changed my mindset on how we should do security.

John Shaffer

CIO, Greenhill & Co.

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The Latest From Randori

Vulnerability Analysis: QueueJumper CVE-2023-21554

Randori triggered CVE-2023-21554, also known as QueueJumper, a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft Message Queuing service reported by Check Point Research. We confirm it appears exploitable.



At Randori, we put authenticity above all else. This starts and ends with the Randori Attack Team. Made up of only the highest caliber talent, the Randori Attack Team is the human innovation behind the Randori Attack Platform – overseeing all activity inside the Randori Hacker Operations Center. Staffed by experts in their field with decades of experience in vulnerability research, exploit development, offensive operations, and red teaming for commercial and government clients, they ensure we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver an unrivaled attack experience at scale.

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