Beyond vulnerability scanning: Enhancing attack surface management for more proactive security


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Bring clarity to cyber risk

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Unlock the Attacker’s perspective

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Authenticity above all else

Who We Are

As the leader in attack surface management, we’re changing how the world practices security. We’re a passionate, diverse group of people working to ensure every organization has access to a trusted adversary. We’re hacker led and mission-driven, applying our endless curiosity, passion for excellence, and persistence to help the world hack a better, more secure future.

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Our Story

Founded in 2018, we’re attacking some of the toughest problems in security and doing so at scale. Serving as a trusted adversary to our customers, the Randori Attack Platform mirrors today’s adversaries helping security teams discover gaps, assess risks, and improve over time by delivering an unrivaled attack experience at scale. Backed with more than $30M in funding from the investors behind Spotify, PillPack, and AngelList and security firms such as Carbon Black and Red Canary, we’re a growing team on a mission to ensure every organization has a trusted adversary to practice against.

Our Name

Randori is a martial arts term – meaning practice how you fight. The most authentic form of practice – Randori tests one’s ability to anticipate and defend against attacks without knowing from who, what, or where the next attack will come. We’re bringing the same authentic experience to the cybersecurity industry.

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