Out of Stealth: Introducing Randori Recon

Attack is the best defense.

Real time insight into your greatest security risks.


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The Industry’s Most Authentic Attack Platform

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Randori Attack Platform

Monitor Your On-Premises and Cloud Attack Surface

Prioritize Risk Through the Lens of the Adversary

Test Your Security Program Against Authentic Attacks

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“Whether it’s a nation-state or a criminal enterprise, today's threat actors don’t limit themselves to two week engagements. What Randori is developing will allow us to scrimmage against the best by safely launching real attacks against the same systems and people hackers will go after, better preparing my team for the next attack."

Bill Brown, CISO, ClickSoftware

Security Begins With Knowing What to Protect


Randori was founded to help defenders see the world through a different set of eyes, to teach you to practice the way we—the attackers—fight. Companies who view and test their defenses from an attacker’s perspective better understand their risks, have smaller attack surfaces, and have stronger, resilient security.

The Randori Difference

  • Regain Control of Your Attack Surface

    You can’t protect what you can’t see. Just like true adversaries, Randori starts with reconnaissance. Modeled on hacker logic, we only need one email address to automatically build a comprehensive view into your organization’s internet-facing assets.

  • Prioritize Like an Attacker

    Attackers can’t target what they can’t find. Based on technology used to penetrate some of the world’s largest and most secure organizations, Randori helps you prioritize the most tempting targets attackers will use to gain access to your network.

  • Practice the Way You Fight

    The only way to know if you’re secure is to test. The best answer to, “How do I measure the success of my security program?”, comes from pitting your defenders up against true, motivated adversaries to see where you stand. With Randori, you’ll train against attackers, not just MITRE ATT&CK techniques.