Live webinar with MITRE CSO, Gary Gagnon, on ATT&CK through eyes of a cybercriminal


Gain an Attacker's Perspective

Randori exposes where and how attackers will strike you next.

The attack platform CISOs rely on to stay ahead of the next attack.

"There’s no substitute for seeing and emulating the attacks real hackers use against networks like yours. Up to now, the problem with red teams and penetration testers has been the cost. Randori is changing that. Now, seeing your network like a hacker is something anyone can afford -- and no one can afford to ignore. "

Stewart Baker, Former General Counsel of NSA

"Whether it’s a nation-state or a criminal enterprise, today's threat actors don’t limit themselves to two week engagements. What Randori is developing will allow us to scrimmage against the best by safely launching real attacks against the same systems and people hackers will go after, better preparing my team for the next attack. "

Bill Brown, CISO, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

"Having built their careers conducting offensive operations, Moose and the Randori team are bringing a refreshing approach to security - that the best defenders start not by building bigger walls but by viewing the world like an attacker and working back from there."

Mike Convertino, CISO, Twitter

"The big challenge with vulnerability management is understanding the true risk for exploitation, not just potential. Randori eliminates the guesswork by providing a continuous view of an organization’s public footprint in an on-demand platform."

Roman Brozyna, CISO, Carbon Black

"At the NGO-ISAC, we see nation-state attacks on a daily basis and often against the targets you’d least expect. In today’s world, CISOs need to recognize you do not need to be the DNC or a Fortune 10 company to be a target. A successful defense, starts by knowing your attack surface - Randori makes this easy by providing a real attacker’s perspective. "

Nick Levay, President, NGO-ISAC

Founding Team

  • Brian Hazzard

    Founder & CEO

  • David Wolpoff

    Founder & CTO

  • Evan Anderson

    Director of Offense

  • Eric McIntyre

    Director of R&D

  • Ian Lee

    Director of Product

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